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Older News & Events

Older News & Events

The end of big trees? It is not just a consequence of deliberate logging.

Reconstruction of a 290 million years old Swamp Forest Inhabited by 10ft long centipede relatives and dragon-fly like insects with foot long wingspans. No dinosaurs and, of course, no humans. Lots of ferns,

Stinging Nettles Stinging nettles used to be used to be used to make cloth. It is not easy to distinguish nettle fibers from those of flax, which has also been in use for a long time, but it is now possible. A recent paper shows that nettle cloth was manufactured even in areas where flax cloth production was present. Anyone interested in making some next summer?

Cheatgrass Beer A new use for one of the American West's worst weeds. Online article

Fungi and Violins The Economist article about Fungi, Violins and Stradivarius