Grass Taxonomy Internship
An opportunity to increase your knowledge
(Potential credits: 1-3)

The Intermountain Herbarium is the editorial headquarters for a comprehensive treatment of the 1,500 grasses that have been found in North America north of Mexico. We have treatments on hand for most genera but writing the keys to the tribes and genera frequently requires obtaining information not in the treatments as will development of searchable descriptions and an interactive key.

Internship tasks

  1. Obtaining information needed for completing keys and descriptions of tribes and subfamilies.
  2. Development of an online bibliography for grass taxonomists.
  3. Helping develop interactive keys to taxa for use on Web.

Interested? Contact Dr. Mary Barkworth ( No previous experience with grasses or plant taxonomy is needed for the first two tasks. The second does require a knowledge of grasses or plant taxaonomy.

*Undergraduates - 19714 (Biol 4750-003); Graduates – 19715 (Biol 6570-006)

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