Dicot Scans for Sale

These are 8.5x11 in, including a border of approximately 0.5 in on all sides.. They cost $15 per print, $20 for a print plus mat, or $25 with a mat and glass frame. Shipping and handling is $3 for the prints, $5 for prints plus mat, ?? for prints plus mat and glass frame. Orders for multiple prints will receive a discount in the shipping and handling costs. Several mat color are available. We regret that we cannot guarantee that they will be accurately shown on your monitor.

Castilleja chromosa Epilobium canum subsp. garretti
Erigeron speciosus Eriogonum umbellatum
Hedysarum boreale Iliamna rivularis
Ipomopsis aggregata [ = Gilia aggregata] Linum perenne
Pedicularis groenlandica Penstemon cyananthus
Penstemon eatonii Polemonium foliosissimum
Primula parryi Prunus virginiana
Rubus parviflorus Solidago canadensis