High Resolution Images of Triticeae

This folder serves high resolution images of Triticeae, using Zoomify to enable examination of details by clicking on the portion of the image that is of interest. One can also pan acorss the imate by holding down the left mouse button and dragging. The images are grouped according to their genomic constitution. Images that are currently available are:

Elymus plurinervis (Specimen CANB 22846); Elymus sacandros (Specimen CHR 279245)

Australopyrum pectinatum (Specimen, CANB345594); Australopyrum velutinum (Specimen

Douglasdeweyi wangii (Specimen UTC177418)

Festucopsis serpentinii (Specimen MO 1622253)

Kenyilia thoroldiana (Specimen MO 5329389)

Stenostachys laevis (CHR 223892)


Additional images will be made available as time permits.