Celebrating Specimen #250,000

We celebrated in style, thanks in no small part to Julie and Brett Piep who volunteered to cater the event. THANK YOU. I also thank, Michael Piep, the Assistant Curator, for all his work in pulling together exhibits and making sure they were attractively displayed - as well as for calling on his family for assistance. Others who contributed to the success of the event were Mary Ann Muffoletto who helped us with publicity, Laurel Anderton who prepared some of the posters, Bonnie Archibald and Jeff Rollo who helped set things up, Daryll Dewald for his support , and all of those who attended, thereby making us feel the effort was worth while. The pictures below were taken by Mary Ann Muffoletto.

Laurel Anderton showing specimens to Steve Walker and Steve Hiegel
John ??, Joe Wilson, and Jamie Strange from the USDA Polllination Lab
Leanna Ballard (botanical consultant) and David Wallace (Biology and Chair of Utah Native Plant Society) enjoying the spread
Kristal Watrous (Biology graduate) introducing Cora to the wonders of herbarium specimens .
Laurel Anderton, Steve and Will Hiegel, and Steve Walker admiring specimens .
Mary Barkworth, Director, and Jeff Broadbent, representig the VP Research (who was in Africa)
Jim Haefner (Biology), Leila Shultz (Natural Resources) and Ted Evans (Biology) in discussion.. On the left, the photographic slide cabinet and Josh Der (Biology).
Where it happens - the work table.
Doug Johnson (USDA-ARS), Terry Griswold (USDA-ARS) and Frank Smith, botanical consultant enjoying a discussion.
Paul Johnson (Plantd, Soils, and Biometerology) talking with Amy Croft (Biology).