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Intermountain Herbarium

Director:  Paul Wolf   435-797-4034
Assistant Curator:  Michael B. Piep   435-797-0061
Director Emeritus:  Mary Barkworth   435-797-1584

Intermountain Herbarium, Utah State University,
5305 Old Main Hill, Logan, Utah 84322-5305

Identification keys: A multiaccess key to the genera of spore-bearing vascular plants (lycophytes, ferns, and horsetails) in the region has been added to the keys made available last year. All are rather plain in appearance at present - and all require Java.

Regional Web Site Link to site.

More networks: The Intermountain Herbarium is contributing records to four networks, for bryophytes, fungi, lichens, and vascular plants of the Southwest, Southeast, Intermountain, Northern Great Plains, and Rocky Mountain Region. All four networks use the SYMBIOTA software so if you learn how to use one, you can use them all. The links will take you to each site.

Now available : Manual of grasses for North America; Grasses of the Intermountain Region. The manual has now been reprinted. The second printing has been spirally bound. No other changes have been made.

Pictures from the celebration of our 250,000th specimen.

Special Features
Fun Facts About Fungi; Interactive keys; Fact Sheets; Grass treatments for North America; Intermountain Fern Guide (.pdf).

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CITES permit # 10US008768/9

The herbarium is located in The Junction basement. Its mailing address is 5305 Old Main Hill, Utah State University, Logan, Utah 84322-5305. Do not look for Old Main Hill when you arrive in town. It is a fiction. Go to the map and look for the basement of the Junction.

Mailing Address
5305 Old Main Hill, Utah State University, Logan, Utah 84322-5305.

The herbarium WELCOMES visitors. It is open from 8 am- 5 pm during the week. If research workers visiting the region cannot make it during these hours, they should contact Mary Barkworth. We shall try to accommodate your needs.

Items for Sale
The herbarium is selling note cards with illustrations of grasses and attractive prints made from some of its specimens. All proceeds go to the herbarium.

Also: Set of eight different note cards featuring Utah Grasses. Cost $8 per set plus postage and handling. Order by contacting Michael Piep.

Other Local Events and Activities:

Cache Chapter - Utah Native Plant Society

To join the Utah Native Plant Society, go to the UNPS store. Make sure you specify Cache as the chapter you wish to join.

Many members have lapsed memberships, please renew them!

Contact Michael Piep for more chapter information at 797-0061 or michael.piep[at]

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Bridgerland Mushroom Society Activities



Meetings and forays are announced and scheduled on the BMS Facebook page.

For more information about their activities or to join contact them at mpiep[at] (subject line - BMS info). Find us on FACEBOOK!