The following links will enable you to obtain the plates or maps that should be present on the pages indicated. I greatly regret the errors.  160, 223, 587, 546, 669. The maps (pages 160 and 669) seem to require at least version 5 of Acrobat to download correctly.

There are also some corrections to the text that will appear in the second edition (if there is one). These affect Danthonia, Amphicarpum, and Spartina. The links take you to pages containing the corrections. They can also be found by "clicking' the notes button for the appropriate genus on WebManual  ( 

We are using the notes button to make corrections but we are also using it to provide additional information, images, alternative taxonomic treatments, explanations of nomenclatural decisions, etc., etc., etc.. Lack of time and funding preclude our making a concentrated effort to develop a consistent format for these notes, some of which were created primarily for communication with the contributors or illustrators. That is why I have not advertised their existence. Feel free, however, to check for them and, if you have comments, send them to me.    

Thank you. 

Mary Barkworth (