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Grass Manual: Errors

Illustration of a sad faceWe blew it! The numbers below link to download pdf versions of the illustrations that are wrong in FNA 25. They are the same size and resolution as those in the published version. We apologize for the error.

The maps for Schizachyrium scoparium, Setaria texana, and Muhlenergia tenuiflora are also wrong. Better maps can be found in the Web Manual, but the page 160, 546, and 669 links will give you a pdf file of the right size to put in your book.

I greatly regret the errors.

There are also some corrections to the text that will appear in the second edition (if there is one). These affect Danthonia and Spartina. The links take you to pages containing the corrections. They can also be found by "clicking" the notes button for the appropriate genus on Web Manual. We are using this notes facility to make some corrections but also to provide more information and additional images, present alternative taxonomic treatments, explain nomenclatural decisions, or address any other topic that seems of interest. Lack of time and funding preclude our making a concentrated effort to develop a consistent format for these notes, some of which were created primarily for communication with the contributors or illustrators. Consequently, I have not advertised their existence. Feel free, however, to check for them and, if you have comments, send them to me.

Changes, either to treatments published in FNA vol. 25 or draft treatments for the forthcoming FNA vol. 24, are highlighted in green within the treatments themselves. A list of these changes, and other alterations, are found in the "Recent Modifications" link on Web Manual.

Thank you.

Mary Barkworth

Picture of Achnatherum. Photographer unknown.